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I wrote this blog just after I lost my eye in October 2015, a time when I was learning to love myself and the way I looked again. I decided not to release this originally out of fear, I was scared that it was too direct, too emotionally charged and too controversial. I stumbled across this blog again recently after speaking at an event about parenting and I realised the importance of getting this message out there as I am no longer angry at the contents of this blog but empowered, I no longer care what other people

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I have always loved the process of goal setting and taking the right steps in order to achieve them. From a young age, I have always strived to make the impossible – possible! And then celebrating the process (something I find so many people forget to do!) I love the look of disbelief people give me when I tell them what I am striving for… it’s that look that says – you’ll never do it, that actually drives me, because I know, I can achieve whatever I put my mind to! The first massive goal I

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Firstly if you have not already seen “The Greatest Showman”, you have to! It’s inspirational, beautiful and heart-warming! I have listened to the soundtrack on repeat ever since I saw the film two weeks ago, and have decided that I need to own the DVD and play it every day for the rest of forever! It’s a movie about following your dreams, choosing a path that seems a little out of the norm, facing adversity and owning your life. It resonated with me and this crazy but exciting path I have been on. BUT there was

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My Granny’s favourite story about me was the time I was running and dancing around her garden with a piece of sheer, lacy curtain in tow. Granny asked this little four-year-old if I was a bird, my response just rolled off my tongue “I’m princess-ish fairy-ish, rather Snow White-ish Tinkerbell-ish.” Then I ran off and continued to dance through the garden happily and by myself. I love this story, it reminds me that I have always been very independent and happy person who dances to the beat of her own drum! Over the years

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I was watching a speech that Oprah gave the other day, about making tough decisions. She said, “No matter how hard a decision is if you do the right thing you will be rewarded with peace”. This statement made me reflect on one of the biggest decisions I have had to make in my life, the decision to lose my eye to save my life. The harder I fought this decision the more out of control I felt, HOWEVER from the moment I accepted the surgery I felt at peace. Then I started looking back

It’s getting to that really scary part of the year when we start reflecting on everything we have accomplished over the year that has just flown and start looking at what we would like to achieve in 2018. I look at this year and I am amazed, yes I have achieved a lot, grown a lot and honestly I can’t believe how different my life is now in November to what it was like in January! However, it has been hard to balance my health, my social life, my business and my hobbies. This year has

Two weeks before Tony Robbins’s Sydney event, “Unleash the power within”, I impulsively bought a ticket! I had been tossing up the idea for over a month, but couldn’t make a decision as to whether or not I should go. There was a flash sale which was ending at 6pm, so at 4.30pm my mind was suddenly made up – I was going to Tony. It was the best decision I had ever made. 1 room, 4 days, 56 hours, 6000 people all there with a similar mindset, to become the best version of ourselves! What

One thing I’ve started to realise is that I am a bit of a control freak. I like to control the way things happen, the way I feel and look if I could, I would even control the weather! BUT I also know that I feel incredibly uncomfortable when I can’t control my circumstances or the way people see me. It’s probably the reason I love social media so much, I can be vulnerable and share my story but I’m also in control of what people know and see. While I’ve been bossy since I could talk and


At the start of this year, while I was still undergoing intense treatment for stage IV melanoma, I set one of my biggest and at the time it sounded ludicrous- I was going to finish my degree! At this point, across a 4-month period, I had spent over 3 months in the hospital! However, I had made up my mind I was going to graduate, and even went out and bought myself a graduation dress (while I was an in-patient at hospital) this was a visual representation of my goal. I remember telling my doctor, and him responding

    Growing up I was always the protector, I loved to watch over my friends, siblings and even my parents and make sure they were doing alright and had everything they wanted or needed at the time. HOWEVER this year that role has been reversed, I have had everyone running around me and making sure all my wants and needs are pandered to. Of course, this is lovely and there are no words to explain how much I appreciated it BUT it does also make me feel a little lost, like I’ve lost my purpose.  While this