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  One of my movies at the moment is “Hector and the search for happiness” and I have taken my life motto directly from the film ‘Happiness is not a destination. It’s a state of being.’   I believe that happiness comes from your outlook on life and it is constantly changing but it is naive to believe that you can be happy 100% of the time and I think this is why so many people struggle with the concept of being happy. I am a happy person but I make sure I take in and


This is a saying that one of my best friends Liv and her boyfriend Kev use all the time and it got me thinking about how important it is to stay true to yourself in both friendships and relationships. They use it in situations when they can’t make a joint decision, whether it be choosing a restaurant or making plans if they have gone for opposing opinions one of them will inevitably turn to the other and state in a very nonchalant manner “you do you babe” and then move forward with their decisions. These guys


Being single and being happily single are two very different mindsets and I have been both. When I look back at the times where I have been single I can see a very clear difference from how I used to be and how I am today. The old Jess hated being single, I felt alone, unwanted, uncared for and there was this constant nagging at the back of my mind that kept saying ‘you aren’t anyone until somebody else loves you’.  It was draining because every date I went on I was looking for the next knight in


I grew up horrifically scared of heights to the point that at 10 years old I had a mental breakdown when I found out our hotel room was on level 34 and we would be staying there for a week! All I could see was this building swaying or me accidentally falling through the window or off the balcony to my imminent death (I was 10 it seemed logical at the time!) While I got a little bit better at dealing with the fear I never out grew it! In 2012 I did a huge 11-month